Selling a property and finding a potential buyer for your own property is not always easy; it often requires the necessary know-how and the right contacts. We sell your property for you

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About selling with AK Consulting

We at AK Consulting use our expertise and wide network to meet your needs. We offer you a first class prospect to sell your property through our network. As advisors to major investors, private individuals and family offices, we have access to a strong pool of investors to buy your property. We achieve your goals based on our four business pillars:

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Our values & philosophy

Flexibility, not stagnation

The real estate world is constantly changing. We at AK Consulting Group therefore believe that flexibility is key in order to consistently offer you the best opportunities that match your ever-changing investment plans. Our core business of off-market real estate reflects this through our diverse portfolio, which is not limited to traditional real estate.
What you can expect from us is expertise outside the brokerage world, which combines in synergy with our core business.

Connection is everything

What makes us strong can also lead you to success. The AK Consulting Group focuses on the German-speaking region, but also offers exclusive properties throughout Europe. This is mainly due to our international network. With clients and partners from the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we offer the maximum increase of success for your investment project throughout Europe.

Passion and multilateral knowledge

For AK Consulting Group, real estate is not only business - it brings joy. A successful deal with a new property in a perfect location, with aesthetic architecture and great potential does not only bring profit: the curiosity for the details of each object and the excitement for an appealing structure in the midst of changing owners makes a partnership with us a delightful journey from beginning to end. For us, properties are not just objects, but part of a larger whole, where property and client come together in perfect unanimity to shape the environment. We provide expertise and services outside the brokerage world as well. Years of experience and partnerships in the insurance, energy and building management business have led us to examine not only the property as such, but also all relevant external factors that influence the success of a property. With our diverse grid of proficiency, you can expect service that goes beyond the mere selling of real estate.

Discretion and honesty - the foundation of AK Consulting Group

Satisfied customers are our success. At AK Consulting Group, this success is based primarily on transparency, discretion and honesty. We know that in the real estate industry these qualities are of utmost importance to satisfy all parties and to ensure the conclusion of an agreement.

That is why many clients are happy in recommending us to others.


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Selling a property or finding a potential buyer for your land is not always easy; it often requires the necessary know-how and the right contacts to find a fitting suitor for your offer. At AK Consulting Group, we use our expertise and extensive network to meet your needs

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